The GPLI coalition has crafted a consensus-based proposal recommending that key public lands Gunnison County with exceptional recreational, wildlife, natural, grazing, scenic, scientific and water values be permanently protected.

The initial proposal represents many hours of work understanding current on-the-ground uses of our public lands and extensive compromises to find solutions that could be supported by all group members. Every organization participating in the group made compromises to craft a proposal that could be supported by this diverse member group. 

The goal of the group is to work together to create a true community proposal that reflects a range of community values including mountain biking, motorized recreation, ranching, conservation, science, water resources, and hunting and angling to name a few. This community proposal reflects the common ground between all of the working group members.

When crafting the proposal, the coalition considered a broad range of values and uses, including existing trails and roads, proposed trails, current recreational use, rare and sensitive species, restoration projects, ranching operations, water structures (ditches, reservoirs, stock ponds, etc.), and wildlife.

The coalition has proposed that key public lands in Gunnison County be protected as wilderness or special management areas.  Starting summer of 2017, the GPLI began engaging the community in a conversation about the proposal and what it would mean for the future of public lands knowing that community involvement is essential.  

The GPLI is currently undergoing revisions to the initial proposal to reflect information learned and feedback received from the past year's community input. Please stay tuned for a revised report.