Working for public lands

From the Crested Butte News & the Gunnison Country Times

 Dear Editor,

The Gunnison County Public Lands Initiative is a coalition of mountain bikers, conservationists, sportsmen, and small business owners working to protect Forest Service and BLM lands in Gunnison County.  As such, each group has a vested interested in preserving what makes Gunnison County a unique place to live, work and recreate. 

GPLI’s proposal for the protection of public land will permanently protect some of our most important habitat, headwaters, and ecosystems in Gunnison County.  In doing so, the areas protected will retain the quality of wild places where one can seek solitude, enjoy scenic views, and appreciate natural landscapes.   As a hiker, I am enthused that this Initiative is working to protect existing uses with an eye to the future.  It will take all of us working together to preserve the public lands we value.   

To learn more about GPLI , visit /.

Pat Del Tredici, Crested Butte