Protect public lands in Gunnison County

From the Crested Butte News

Dear Community,

During the last couple decades there have been numerous proposals to protect public lands in Gunnison County.  None were adopted or implemented. There is a new initiative, however, that is a forward-thinking, well-balanced legislative proposal that has garnered support from a variety of stakeholders. Conservationists, sportsmen, mountain bikers, anglers and business owners are working with the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative (GPLI) to help protect wildlife habitat and recreation. One of the key elements of this proposal is the variety of public land designations which are applied to various areas. Some areas with existing recreational uses may be designated as Special Management Areas which will permanently protect these lands as well as protect existing recreational uses.  Proposing Wilderness designation in other, more pristine areas, will permanently protect headwaters, wildlife habitat and scenic views. Gunnison Public Lands Initiative will leave a legacy for future generations by protecting large landscapes for the benefit of nature and people. Our wildlands will be protected only as long as we live in a society that values them. If you value our public lands, learn more about the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative by visiting their website at:

Maureen Hall