Since the initial proposal was released in June 2017, the GPLI has been engaging the community and diverse stakeholders in conversations about the initial proposal and what it would mean for the future of our local public lands. For the most part, key stakeholder groups and community members in and around the Gunnison Basin have voiced support for the GPLI’s consensus proposal.

At the same time, members of the community have had some specific concern with particular parts of the initial proposal. As a result of that feedback, the GPLI has worked to refine the initial recommendations including adjusting boundaries or in some circumstances changing a land designation recommendation.

With that input the GPLI is proud to recommend 452,221 acres of federal public lands by consensus for protection as either special management areas or wilderness.

  • Please visit HERE to explore the revised proposal map.

  • You can also see a map with explanation HERE.

  • The full report is available HERE.