Gunnison Public Lands Initiative is a coalition of ten local organizations. The interests represented in the coalition include ranching, water resources, motorized use, conservation, mountain biking, recreation, and hunting and angling. 

The goal of the coalition is to protect public lands, enhance a strong and sustainable economy, and support historic uses of public lands.

To accomplish this goal the GPLI aims to create a successful designation that enjoys broad support, is technically sound, and best serves the community. 

The GPLI coalition organizations and members include: 

The coalition is guided by the following principles:

  • Appropriate balance between the wilderness, recreational, wildlife, ecological, economic, cultural, scientific, and scenic values of public lands;

  • Support for a strong, sustainable economy in Gunnison County;

  • Respect for historic uses of public lands;

  • Use of the best available science and all relevant information;

  • Desire to find workable solutions for all interests.